Lunch Bag

Lately I’ve been looking for the perfect lunch bag. Since I haven’t found it, I’ve been using a big Trader Joe’s cloth shopping bag instead. After getting nagged by Dan a thousand times about carrying that “ugly” thing around, I finally decided to try to make my own. Recently I made some curtains for the windows around our door with this really cute black and white fabric. When I looked at the amount I had left over, I realized that it was the perfect amount to make a simple lunch bag.

I lined it with some plastic liner, hot glued pink ribbon for edging, and repurposed some straps from an old canvas bag I had. It was really easy 🙂 and it works pretty well (although I wish it were bigger).


Hanging Ball Jar Vase

Recently I saw this idea on Pinterest and I decided to try it myself. I thought it would be a good idea since hanging baskets never seem to work for us, and this way we can change the flowers/colors based on what’s blooming around it or what we’re in the mood for. So I scoured the house for one of our many old ball jars and some string, and I filled it with fresh cut flowers and hung it from our shepherds hook.

Basically all I did was take a ball jar, wrap string around it, knot it on two ends, and then hang it on my shepherd’s hook. Done.

Stone Garden Markers

Ever since I first started gardening (ohmygosh ten years ago), I’ve wanted to make some really unique garden markers, but I could never think of a really great idea. Last year my friend Jill blogged about Garden Trinkets, and she posted some pictures of garden markers that she had found on Etsy. The ones that really struck me were the cutlery stamped with the name of the plant. So beautiful! I REALLY wanted to make my own, but I didn’t have a stamping kit and I don’t think Dan would love the idea of me stealing random utensils out of the drawer (because to be honest, that’s what I was thinking of doing). So instead I decided to collect some rocks from my backyard and paint them.

*It’s now been about 6 months since I originally posted this, and the growing season is well over. These worked out well, but as my plants grew and really burst! (I got some huge plants this year) these markers basically disappeared under them. I kept having to move them farther out, which was fine, but I think for next year I’ll search the antique stores for some really pretty cutlery and see about getting a stamping kit. Or, I might save myself the trouble and buy something pretty off of Etsy. Speaking of which:

This is what I’m taking about–beautiful! These are from CambriaLaine’s Etsy store. I love the decorative silverware. So pretty!

These are from WoodenHive’s Etsy store. I really like these too, and there are also ones with knives and forks.

Okay, I saved the best for last. I stumbled on these and nearly had a heart attack. If you know me at all, you know I love gnomes in my garden. These are fantastic. These are from TheGnomeShack’s Etsy store, and you can bet I’ll be shopping there soon.

While we’re at it, a picture of just a few of my gnomes:


“Wireframe” Wall Art

Over the weekend I worked on this really cool (and again CHEAP) art project. Recently I saw the below photo on Pinterest and I got to thinking about how I could make one of my own. I did mine horizontally and used mini binder clips instead of clothespins, but it’s the same general idea.

inspiration photo

So, here’s how I did it:

I found this very basic frame at “Mr. Thrifty” (heh) for $2.00.

I sanded the crap out of it to remove some of the stain and let the wood grain show through.

Using picture hanging wire and hooks, I screwed the hooks into the inside back of the frame, fastened the wire onto them, and stretched the wire so it would be very tight.

Okay, that’s pretty much “the hard part.” Then I used those really cute little mini binder clips and hung some of my favorite family photos.

This one is “Ode to Parental Units.” I’ll change out the photos and add other items as needed. The project cost me all of about $4.00 (all I had to buy was the frame, wire, and hooks–the binder clips we have cluttering up our junk drawers, and of course, the photos we had 🙂

My Grandmother’s Cast Iron Skillet

Over the weekend my mom gifted us with a “new” 10 inch cast iron skillet. It had belonged to my grandmother and has a ton of character. We’ll probably need to reseason it, but I can’t wait to put it to use by making some cornbread.

I looked these markings up online and it said that this skillet dates to pre 1922 (the “Sidney” stands for Sidney Ohio).

It’s so beautiful, I may have to hang it on the wall as “art” when I’m not using it!

Jewelry Organizer

I finally came up with a solution for my jewelry problem. I found this wire wall hanging at Hobby Lobby (for under 5 bucks) hung it in my bathroom and covered it with jewelry. Now my jewelry is organized AND I have a new piece of artwork (she sort of looks like a Disney princess).

Wall Art

A low maintenance and cheap way to create wall art!

For years we’ve been searching for a solution to our “big huge wall in the stairwell problem,” and over the weekend we finally decided to do something about it. I had sort of decided on doing some sort of frame with different fabrics, so we started out garage saling on Saturday morning and we found the perfect frames.

Not long into our search, we stumbled upon two of these (we thought they were picture frames, but the woman running the garage sale told us they were lattice that came out of their windows). So we bought two of them for a buck.

We decided on an ocean blue paint, to contrast well against our dark orange wall. I decided not to prime the frames first because I wanted some of the natural wood to show through.

I decided that since I didn’t have much to work with as far as the width of each “window” went, that I’d use decorative paper instead of fabric. I laid out the papers to create a good balance of color/pattern.

Then I taped them to the back of the frame.

The final product! We just staggered them on the stairwell wall and put a couple nails up to hold them (and used some sticky velcro here and there to affix some areas to the wall). Oh, and I should mention, this project cost us $7.00 (for the frames, paint, and papers–I already had the paint brushes and tape). Can’t beat that!!

On the Move

I’ve been reworking our blogs and I’ve decided to start this blog to show some of the art, jewelry, and other items that I’m creating, and leave our other blog for more random posts. I’ll be moving some of my posts from that blog to this one and hope to have that done soon.