Photo Box

One day I was minding my own business, looking at stuff on Pinterest, when I came across a pin of a light box that someone had made and posted on their blog. I thought, “this is what I need!” and I quickly pinned it, and filed it away in my brain as “something to do later,” (which for me usually translates to “I really want to do this, but let’s be honest, I’ll never get around to it”). Well, I DID get around to it, and here it is.

Tada!!! And isn’t the teal duct tape purdy?

It was pretty easy to make and probably took 2 hours at most. I’m not going to post directions, because I think the blog that I got it off of has great directions, but I did do a few things differently than they did and I think it saved time and effort: I didn’t duct tape the sides, I used plastic table cloth for my white “fabric”, and I merely duct taped the white material on instead of messing with velcro.

They mentioned that this project could cost as little as 20.00, but I found that after buying the clamp/utility lights, bulbs, and all of the necessary supplies, I had spent about 50.00 (some of the supplies I already had laying around the house). So it costs a bit more, but I think it’s totally worth it. I plan to go to the fabric store and get some interesting backgrounds, and play around with different types of materials for the bottom.

Here are some quick, random shots I took with the new photo box (btw, my camera sucks and I didn’t bother to iron my black background fabric, so these aren’t perfect, but for now they’ll do).