Activity Quiet Book

actv_01Here’s a little something I’ve been working on lately. Another Quiet Book for a little girl named Juniper, but this time I attempted some moving parts. (These pictures aren’t very good, but they convey the basic idea ; )

actv_02aThe flowers button on and off



The shoes velcro on and off



The cars move across the page



The coat zips up and down



The doggie’s spots snap on and off



The clock’s hands move





Monsters Quiet Book

©Mary Bellus_MQB_01After making my ABCs Quiet Book this past spring, I decided to make another for a very deserving little boy I know named Jesse, this time with a Monsters and Aliens theme.


This quiet book is made with environmentally friendly wool blend felt and is completely hand sewn. Each page has a different monster/alien character and is soft and plush. I just finished making four of these and am now selling them on Etsy. Visit my store here. And now for some pictures:

©Mary Bellus_MQB_03

©Mary Bellus_MQB_04

©Mary Bellus_MQB_05

©Mary Bellus_MQB_06

©Mary Bellus_MQB_07

©Mary Bellus_MQB_08

©Mary Bellus_MQB_09

©Mary Bellus_MQB_10

Simple eReader Cover


When I got my nook eReader, I quickly went online to find a cover for it. Knowing me, I would drop it after about day two. Barnes and Noble sells lots of different covers (some of them are really cool, like this Jonathan Adler design), but I just didn’t like the fact that they all look like old Daytimers and they’re about 30-40 bucks. Sorry, no.

I wanted something protective, that I can slip on and off quickly, but that stays off when I want to read. And I wanted it to still fit in my bag (those covers they sell look very bulky). So I decided to use some leftover felt and create a very simple cover. This is it! You really can’t get much easier than sewing three straight lines and some embellishments. This has really come in handy and I find it easy now to throw the nook in my bag and not worry that it’ll get scratched.

I made this one for a friend’s Kindle Fire.


ABC Quiet Book


Several of my friends are pregnant or have just had babies and I’ve been trying to think of what to make for them for baby gifts. I don’t know how to knit or crochet, so I had to get creative. I saw this Star Wars Quiet Book on Pinterest recently, and I totally fell in love with the format. I had never heard of Quiet Books before seeing this, so I did a Google search to see what’s out there. I found this really cool animal one too.

I love to work with felt and I knew this was something I could do, so I decided to make one of these for my friend who is due in a couple weeks. I came up with an illustrated ABC concept (at first I had wanted to illustrate every letter of the alphabet, but since these books are plush, that would have been way too many pages, so I decided to illustrate just one letter on each page). I sewed it all by hand and hot glued the pages together to try to get a really good seal.

I have some ideas for more of these, and more friends with babies to be my guinea pigs, so I’ll be making more in the near future. I hope to get a little more “interactive” with them. Here’s the book:












Java Sleeve



Just a short post about a coffee sleeve I made. Not much to say really, just that I had lots of leftover felt from my wreath, so I decided to make this coffee snuggie. I used a paper sleeve that I got from a coffee shop, unraveled it, and used it for my template. I hot glued a strip of felt to the inside to cover my stitching. I might make different ones for the seasons and make some for gifts.

Yarn Wreath

I’ve had the supplies to make this wreath for quite awhile and I finally found the time to make it! My friend Jill had posted on her blog about these wreaths and some she had made, and I really wanted to try it out. I used some kind of curly yarn (which I didn’t even know existed), and it added a nice texture, and then I made felt flowers and hot glued them on.