Simple eReader Cover


When I got my nook eReader, I quickly went online to find a cover for it. Knowing me, I would drop it after about day two. Barnes and Noble sells lots of different covers (some of them are really cool, like this Jonathan Adler design), but I just didn’t like the fact that they all look like old Daytimers and they’re about 30-40 bucks. Sorry, no.

I wanted something protective, that I can slip on and off quickly, but that stays off when I want to read. And I wanted it to still fit in my bag (those covers they sell look very bulky). So I decided to use some leftover felt and create a very simple cover. This is it! You really can’t get much easier than sewing three straight lines and some embellishments. This has really come in handy and I find it easy now to throw the nook in my bag and not worry that it’ll get scratched.

I made this one for a friend’s Kindle Fire.