Wall Art

A low maintenance and cheap way to create wall art!

For years we’ve been searching for a solution to our “big huge wall in the stairwell problem,” and over the weekend we finally decided to do something about it. I had sort of decided on doing some sort of frame with different fabrics, so we started out garage saling on Saturday morning and we found the perfect frames.

Not long into our search, we stumbled upon two of these (we thought they were picture frames, but the woman running the garage sale told us they were lattice that came out of their windows). So we bought two of them for a buck.

We decided on an ocean blue paint, to contrast well against our dark orange wall. I decided not to prime the frames first because I wanted some of the natural wood to show through.

I decided that since I didn’t have much to work with as far as the width of each “window” went, that I’d use decorative paper instead of fabric. I laid out the papers to create a good balance of color/pattern.

Then I taped them to the back of the frame.

The final product! We just staggered them on the stairwell wall and put a couple nails up to hold them (and used some sticky velcro here and there to affix some areas to the wall). Oh, and I should mention, this project cost us $7.00 (for the frames, paint, and papers–I already had the paint brushes and tape). Can’t beat that!!