Beaded Chandelier


When we moved into our current house, there were a few projects we knew we’d get around to, but weren’t exactly first on the list. Our house, having been built in 1985, still has a few left over dated 80s fixtures, one being a hideous chandelier that used to hang in our stairwell (see before picture). We lived with that thing for three years wondering what we could do with it (without having to go and buy a brand new, expensive fixture).

One day Dan got sick of the ugly thing and stripped it of its cheap, plastic planks–at that point I knew I had to get off my lazy butt and do something creative with it. In it’s bare state it looked like an alien with a thousand prongs sticking out all over. After leaving it bare for probably a month, I decided I couldn’t stand that thing staring at me anymore, so I finally got to work. I went to my jewelry kit and found a bunch of larger beads left over from some other projects, and then supplemented what I didn’t have with new colored glass beads from the craft store. I created about six to eight basic strands of different lengths and then left a loop on the tops so I could hang them on the prongs. I tried my best to use big enough beads to cover the left-over light sockets on the inside of the fixture (you can still see them, but it’s not that bad). Then I finished off the bottoms with some oblong, retro pearls that my mom gave me.





I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Mostly I like how it casts some really cool shadows on the walls and ceiling. Now I have to think of what to do with our other dated 80s chandelier that hangs over the dining room table.