Monsters Quiet Book

©Mary Bellus_MQB_01After making my ABCs Quiet Book this past spring, I decided to make another for a very deserving little boy I know named Jesse, this time with a Monsters and Aliens theme.


This quiet book is made with environmentally friendly wool blend felt and is completely hand sewn. Each page has a different monster/alien character and is soft and plush. I just finished making four of these and am now selling them on Etsy. Visit my store here. And now for some pictures:

©Mary Bellus_MQB_03

©Mary Bellus_MQB_04

©Mary Bellus_MQB_05

©Mary Bellus_MQB_06

©Mary Bellus_MQB_07

©Mary Bellus_MQB_08

©Mary Bellus_MQB_09

©Mary Bellus_MQB_10


2 thoughts on “Monsters Quiet Book

  1. I really love this!! You are so crafty!! I especially love the t-Rex trying to clap 🙂 and maybe the millennium falcon is in a mirror…

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