Decorative Eggs

This easter we decided to color eggs the old fashioned way–you know, the store bought egg dying kit, with the ridiculously cheap components, and the stickers (STICKERS?? I don’t remember stickers when I was a kid. I remember decals. Yeah, decals. Those things you have to use a little skill for. Oh, man, I’m bitter). Anyway, my 40ish husband and my 29ish (40ish) self had fun playing with the colors, trying to use that little metal holder they give you, that inevitably makes the eggs slip right off of it and SPLAT onto the counter (we cracked a lot of our eggs), and we had fun. Our eggs look no different than if a four-year-old colored them, and I see that as success.

But I also wanted to do something a little different–push the creativity envelope a bit. Ever since kindergarten, when my teacher showed the class how to get the goo out of an egg without breaking it, I’ve been wanting to try it (by the way, she lied. She did break it. Just a little–with a pin, on both ends–but still, she had to break it to get the goo out, so she lied.) I tried to flash back to remember how she worked this magic, and I made some hollow decorative eggs. Here’s how I did it.

First I took some raw eggs and punched a hole on both sides of it. One hole I made a little bigger, because the goo has to be able to get out.


Then I blew through the smaller hole, into a cup to catch the goo. This was extremely trying to my abdominals. If you want to go ahead and use this as your ab exercise, go for it. I was huffing and puffing after just four of these. Also, these images are sort of egg porn. Keep your kids away.



I wiped the eggs clean and made sure there were dry. Then I used different width Sharpies and drew some designs onto the eggs. FYI it’s super hard to draw on eggs. My advice would be to use the thicker ones. Mine ended up looking pretty rough, but two of them are blog worthy, I suppose. I hope. I think so. Here they are.




2 thoughts on “Decorative Eggs

  1. Very pretty, Mary! A narrow colored ribbon was run through the fancy eggs I have at home. Makes it easy to hang them as ornaments. The ribbon was tied in a bow on one side, which also masks the hole.

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