Office Wall Art


If you’re like me and you’re married to a musician, or you’ve just randomly let one take up residence in your house, AND you’re a graphic designer, AND you share an office with your musician, you are probably racking your brain to come up with an artistic solution to melding “music” and “design” into an interesting look for your office. Since we joined office-forces we’ve been working on creating a space that works for both of us. More on this later, because to be honest, we moved into the office six months ago, but we’re still not even close to being done with it yet.

In the meantime, my musician had to put some foam installments on the office walls, so when he records he can cut down on the, um, (crap, I’m not a musician! -Oh!) “ricocheting” of sounds. I’ve covered these pieces of foam with plain fabric, but they still need something artistic so they’re not just eight plain blocks on the walls. I have some plans to do some painting on some of them, but on the ones that are closest to the “design area” of our room, I wanted to do something designy/graphic/typeface-centered, but I honestly didn’t want to take a ton of time on the project. So I got this idea after I had done something similar on my office walls at work.



I cut some pages out of one of my Font source books (Font Bureau, if you’re curious and want to go check out their fonts). I cut them as squarely as I could and pinned them onto the foam squares. Really easy and they actually look quite nice.

Here are some close up shots of it:



**UPDATE** It took me some time to think about what to do with the other foam squares in the room. They’re smaller than the above ones, about 1.5 feet square. I had just been drying some really cool looking flowers and I got the inspiration to tack them onto the leftover squares. Seriously simple. Here are some pictures.



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