“Wireframe” Wall Art

Over the weekend I worked on this really cool (and again CHEAP) art project. Recently I saw the below photo on Pinterest and I got to thinking about how I could make one of my own. I did mine horizontally and used mini binder clips instead of clothespins, but it’s the same general idea.

inspiration photo

So, here’s how I did it:

I found this very basic frame at “Mr. Thrifty” (heh) for $2.00.

I sanded the crap out of it to remove some of the stain and let the wood grain show through.

Using picture hanging wire and hooks, I screwed the hooks into the inside back of the frame, fastened the wire onto them, and stretched the wire so it would be very tight.

Okay, that’s pretty much “the hard part.” Then I used those really cute little mini binder clips and hung some of my favorite family photos.

This one is “Ode to Parental Units.” I’ll change out the photos and add other items as needed. The project cost me all of about $4.00 (all I had to buy was the frame, wire, and hooks–the binder clips we have cluttering up our junk drawers, and of course, the photos we had 🙂


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